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Zero Pesticide

Since they thrive in a balanced nutrient solution, the plants are less susceptible to pests and weed growth. As a result, pesticides are no longer needed.

Long Lasting Freshness

We have instilled our dedication to sustainability and longevity through the procedure of hydroponic farming. In addition, the nutrient-dense commodity has a longer shelf life.

95% Less Water Used

The water nutrient solution is fed to the plants automatically in a closed circulation system in a successful hydroponic system. As a result, hydroponics uses 95% less water than soil-based agriculture.

Full Of Nurients

Hydroponically grown plants usually have a higher nutrition value as they directly feed on water that has higher nutritional value in closed circulation.

Pure & Tasty

Fresh and long lasting plants grown hydroponically are also as tasty as any normally grown plant. Factor in the purity of the product and now the advantages are obvious!

Quality Control

The reforms and regulations of quality control are formed based on guidelines by UNECE standards. At Satvk, the crop is scrutinized from the germination to final packing to eliminate any possibility to compromise in quality.


Because you can feed your plants a powerful nutrient solution straight at the roots while growing strawberries hydroponically, you may expect higher harvests. Hydroponic strawberries outperform soil-grown strawberries in terms of pest management. Because hydroponics does not require soil, many pests are eliminated from the equation.

Aside from the delicious flavour, one of the key advantages of growing strawberries hydroponically is that they can be grown at a higher elevation. Commercial farmers have benefited greatly from this since the picking rate is considerably faster and less tiring, and plant care is easier.

One of the most delicious strawberries we’ve ever had! This ever-bearing variation produces substantial amounts of glossy, red fruits per plant and is a fantastic way to extend the strawberry season with flushes of harvests from June to October. Strawberry ‘Sweet Sensation’ is ideal to be hydroponically grown.



  • Excellent taste
  • Well-shaped uniformly
  • Medium to brilliant red and shiny
  • Extremely long shelf life and mobility
  • A substantial fraction of large, marketable fruit
  • Early planting and fruit ripening
  • Extremely prolific
  • Easy to harvest

The new strawberry, named ‘Winter Dawn,’ is characterised by its high output of medium to large-sized fruit from November to February. Because it generates large fruit yields during a favourable market window, this unique variety is a strong contender for commercial success.



  • Fruit Size: Medium to Large
  • Harvest Period:  begins mid-November with very high early yields
  • Exceptional taste.

Vital Contents

  • Calories:               16 kcal.
  • Protein:                 1.3 g.
  • Carbohydrates:   2.8 g.
  • Fat:                          0.3 g.