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About Us

Hydroponic farming was born out of the need for food that was free of pesticides and cultivated in environmentally friendly ways. Satvk Biologiques is a company that uses hydroponic farming techniques to achieve high-quality agricultural yields.

Our Vision

Satvk continuously strives to achieve excellence by sustained leadership in catering the needs beyond the traditional leafies and fruits, and focus on a broader application in pharmaceutical products for development of plant based therapeutic solutions to make life on planet more sustainable.

Our Promise

Through the procedure of hydroponic farming, is inculcated by us as our commitment towards sustainability. We produce the highest quality of fresh food that has a large number of nutrients. Sustainability is the value we as a society need to commit to and revolutionizing the way we produce our food is just the start.

Our Mission

Higher living through hydroponic procedures and committing to the appropriate future, and leading the way is our mission. Our objective is to improve living conditions through hydroponic processes, to commit to a better future. The future of farming is a nutrient-dense, pesticide-free product and higher value for sustainability.

Our Values

Since ages, Right To Food is considered a basic right of each citizen. We at Satvk believe in Right to Clean Food. Pure, nutrition rich and pesticide-free food produced by sustainable methods should reach the masses, for a disease-free healthier future and overall well being of the human race.

About Hydroponic Technology

Hydroponic farming is a soil-free, water-based farming process. Instead of using soil for plant nutrition, crops are given nutrient-rich water, which eliminates a lot of the drawbacks of soil-based methods.


– relating to or involving hydroponics, the process of growing plants in sand, gravel, or liquid.

What's the deal?

Hydroponic farming is a way of growing plants in water without soil, using mineral nutrient solutions. The nutrients in the liquid solution that is used to Fertigate the plants are controlled by the Automatic Hydroponic Fertigation System. The system also controls how much the plants are fed nutrients. Simply put, a hydroponic Fertigation System is in charge of the plants’ growing conditions. Even though the system is highly automated, it still needs careful management.


As previously mentioned, the process is regulated rather than simply monitored. As a result, it is both water and nutrient efficient, as both are distributed directly to the root structure of the plant. Water and nutrient levels are tracked, so these elements are supplied as needed and at the appropriate levels. Water and nutrients work together to contribute to the success and rate of growth.